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A girl from my history class was behind me in the line in the refectory, and once I was done she started begging the cashier to find her something to eat for 30p because that’s all she had and she was starving. Kindly, I put my change – about 70p – on top of her binder and said “Here, you may as well have that,” with a smile. My reward was a disgusted look. The next time she was behind me, the same thing happened… This time I pocketed my change happily, smiled broadly at her and left. IYAMBAD

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Years ago, a friend of mine called me crying because she was fired from her job (assistant manager of a convenience store/gas station) for not being a “team player.” She stopped doing the manager and and district manager’s work for them, while they sat in the back playing video games. The night after she was fired, someone mysteriously filled in the holes where the caps were for filling up the stores’ fuel tanks with concrete. IYAMBAD

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A while ago my youngest sister lost her game boy, and after months of searching the house for it, my mom offered a reward one afternoon to whoever found it, since we knew it was in the house somewhere. At one point I was sitting in my other sisters room while she cleaned out her closet and she ended up finding our younger sister’s game boy. Not wanting to get in trouble for having it all along, we pretended we had found it in our youngest sister’s closet and then split the reward. IYAMBAD

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We had a substitute teacher in my digital editting class one day, and she would not get off my case. I’d finished my project (the class was beginner level, the stuff I’d been doing for years) and was talking to a friend and making a bracelet. The sub insisted that I keep working, even though I was finished, even threatening to send me to the office. So I started looking up pictures of as many half naked men as I possibly could, ‘for my project’. I did the same thing every time she subbed. IYAMBAD

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When I was little, I never wanted to eat my vegetables at dinner. I would tolerate most of them, but the ones I hated most were carrots. We had a family dog who really liked carrots, but I knew that I would get caught if I slipped them under the table because she was a loud eater. So I snuck my carrots into my pockets while my parents weren’t looking and fed them to the dog later. IYAMBAD.

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