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My brother, when he was smaller had lit a piece of toilet paper on fire, he dropped it and when he finally put it out, there was a black hole in the carpet. Our parents had never found until we were casually talking about it last night……..HE(YAMBAD).

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When I was in 5th grade, I failed an English worksheet because I failed to follow directions. Because I was normally a straight-A, gifted student, I knew my parents would be furious. So, when the teacher sent me home that Friday with our packet of graded assignments for my parents to see, I snuck to the girls’ bathroom and carefully ripped the page out (around the staple, so no traces were left). My parents still don’t know about it, and I’m in college now. IYAMBAD.

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One day when i was at school, i got written up by my Assistant principal “Mr. Fag” which pissed me off. So later that day me and my friend went to his house, ding dong ditched him a couple of times, and then we turned off his braker box. Sweet revenge. >:D

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I was the designated substitute Sunday morning teacher for a small church. I had been working with 5th graders for a while but then moved to pre-school for a day. When it was time to clean up, one of the kids started whining.
Kid: I don’t want to clean up!
Me: *mimmicking him* Aaw, that’s too bad!
Kid: You sound like a baby.
Me: You’re acting like one.
Kid: …Those are mean words.
Yes. Yes they were.
I guess I forgot I can’t treate pre-schoolers the same as 5th graders! IYAMBAD

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My husband thinks he’s the worlds greatest cook, little does he know, for the past 9 years I’ve been seasoning meals when he’s not looking! Then he brags about how amazing his cooking skills are, and how he’s the best cook in the family. When i don’t do the seasoning, he tries to figure out where he went wrong. Hes not the worlds greatest cook, but, IYAMBAD!

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