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My roommate is a mean little pill who slams doors, is loud in the mornings, and generally nasty. I found her journal in her bed when measuring her room for a new prospective roommate- she talks about how muchmy kindness “disgusts” her (wtf??)I took a photo of the page where she describes cheating on her boyfriend, who she hopes to marry, and plan on emailing it him when she is flying overseas to live with him for 3 months this summer. Karma’s a bitch. IYAMPSYCHED.

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For the past 5 months every time I went out somewhere (to a friends house for a sleepover etc) my parents would by pizza for the family. (My family was going through a money crisis too) so I got so fed up I pretended to leave to my friends house. I returned 2 hours later and of course there everyone was enjoying pizza! I slammed open the door and threw the pizza on the ground screaming, “IF I CANT GET SOME THEN YOU CANT EITHER.” I enjoyed a great laugh at my parents reaction. IYAMBAD

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One time when I had my girlfriend over for dinner, and before we ate my brother decided to show her my search history. She broke up with me and left, but not before telling my parents. I got grounded for a month. Everyday since then (1 1/2 years ago), I cum on my brothers toothpaste and on his toothbrush. IYAMBAD

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I broke up with my Fiance’ cause he started staying out all night. He was messing around with a very known drug dealer and they would tell people to stay away from the house cause it was so HOT. So, I put a ad in the Dallas newspaper that read ” Estate sale everything must go, early birds welcome”. The ad ran for 10 days. I heard they had all kinds of people showing up before daylight. Iyambad

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So I was at an anime convention with my best friend and we found some people playing the pocky game with spin the bottle mechanics. For those who don’t know, the pocky game is a game where two people lady and the tramp a piece of pocky and the first to break the pocky loses. Anyways my grandpa who took us walked in and saw it happening when I was kissing. After e con he confronted me about it and I made up a story about how I was just asking someone for pocky and he bought it. IYAMBAD!

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