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2525 | Missouri, MO | | | Comments

I used to live in my parents basement, until they kicke me out. For revenge I put gasoline an butter on there front door and back door, and the bedroom doors. They had to kick down the door to get it open, but when they did, two apple pies came flying at there faces. I now live at my friends house. But IYAMSTILLBAD

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when i was sitting in my schools computer lab i dropped my pencil went to grab it and their was a thong under the table. later found out it was still their from when i fucked a girl in Saturday detention oooops

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2503 | New York, NY, USA | | | Comments

I poured coffee on my friend’s hair because she called my hair dry (:
she got what she asked for (: your welcome .

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2504 | Perris, CA, USA | | | Comments

One day my arch enemy Aujunae Rene Bennett was sitting down on a bench in school and I came up behind her and slapped her for stealing my fruit roll-up. That’ll teach to never take my fruit roll-up. I ended up getting suspended but whatever. #likeaboss #iyamathug

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2505 | Oregon | | | Comments

Today, I ran with a pair of scissors in my hand. IYAMBAD

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