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On day I was playing soccer and there was this giant(tall wise) girl and she would knock down all of my teammates and I would get so mad because she would lie and she always had this grudge on me so we were fighting for the ball so I kicked her foot and she fells dab I laughed then she was next to me then we were fighting again and I was like OW MY JAW!!! SHE ELBOWED ME ON PURPOSE! and I would laugh beause the ref would always believe and and not her. :) it’s so funny. I still play her today.

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My 12 yr old sis is so mean to me so I told her payback is coming. And she wouldn’t believe me. So I taught her a lesson. She is completely afraid of frogs. She would die if a fog came within a foot with her, (screaming and running away.) okay so 1 night there was a tree frog on the side of my house and so I took it and put it in my sisters bed and when she woke up she screamed her head off cuz it was on her face then snapped it’s neck. She still hasn’t forgiven me. Then the rat situation…:)

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Is it bad to hate your parents? Because I do. The won’t let me do anything I want and I’m 12. It not fair. My sister is 12 and sh can stay out till midnight with her bf unsupervised
And I can’t ride my bike with my
Friends until 9 without getting grounded
For like 16 days. And I’m not joking. I just got grounded. Anyone wanna trade parents? My mom bothers people and is always cleaning as yelling and my dad will let me get away with Some things not everything.

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We have a teacher who made up stories just to punish us and one day he accused me of being too flirty with boys. I was angry at this so I told all my friends that he used to eat his boogers and everyone believed me and now everyone in school keeps talking about that. IYAMBAD

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One time I got mad at my mom (she is always a b****) and she knew it so she yelled at me loud and clear and I used to be self harmful so I got a knife out and set it on te chair ad then my mom called me to her so I walked away and she screamed at me even louder so I told her i hated her and that I’m gonna kill myself and locked my self in my room but I didn’t have the knife so my mom slid something in a box under the door and it was the knife. I am no longer self harmful tho. Or am I? Idk

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